Patient Portal

The Secured Online Patient Portal exists to make communication with your doctor an all-around simpler, smoother process.

With access to the portal, you're able to email with questions, refill your prescriptions, request referrals, and easily review your records. All you need to do is fill out the Sign Up Form and bring it to us at your next visit. The information will then be entered by our designated portal person and shredded for your privacy.

Call (908) 284-9880 today if you have questions or would like to enroll immediately.

Want quick access to the Patient Portal on your smart phone? Follow these steps!

For Android users: Open the Chrome browser and load the website. Tap the menu button (3 vertical dots, top right) and tap "Add to homescreen". Edit a name for the short cut and Chrome will add it to your home screen. If you are using Firefox instead of Chrome, after tapping the menu button, tap the page button, then select "Add to homescreen".

For iPhone users: Open Safari and load the website. Click the icon at the bottom of the screen that depicts an arrow coming out of the top of a square. Click the "Add to homescreen" button. For assistance contact the Hunterdon Healthy Connections Helpdesk (Weekdays fom 8:00am to 6:00pm) at 908-788-6688.